A happy rabbit showing the vibe you get at our luxury indoor rabbit and guinea pig boarding hotel in Melbourne

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Boarding Melbourne

Willow Woods is a delightful guinea pig and rabbit boarding retreat in Hopper’s Crossing, just 25 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. A custom-built sanctuary dedicated only to bunnies and guinea pigs where fresh air, natural light and tranquillity are the order of the day, with fun and stimulating spaces where our furry rabbit guests can indulge in what they love best – digging, chewing, flinging toys, hiding and relaxing in a safe environment.

Our light-filled indoor pet hotel has windows, skylights, extractor fans and reverse cycle air-conditioning and heating units to keep the ambient temperature comfortable 24/7 throughout Winter and Summer.

Come tour our beautiful space on Saturdays from 11am to 12.30pm by appointment only. However, until further notice, inspection tours are halted due to COVID-19.

Note: Rabbits & guinea pigs are still being boarded at our premises.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our doors will be shut to visitors until further notice. All check-ins and check-outs will be done outdoors just outside our front door as part of our COVID-safe plan.

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Why Stay With Us


We follow a comprehensive set of risk management policies & procedures to ensure the wellbeing of the boarders in our care.


We are proud of our track record of zero infection, a result of meticulous cleaning and handling practices.

Rabbit Savvy

We have university biological science qualifications & we walk the talk. Our bunny Pumpkin lives here too.

  • “I can’t recommend Willow Woods enough. After researching all the bunny boarding places no one really seemed to know what bunnies really needed. They would keep them outdoors (potentially exposing them to myxomatosis) and feeding them things like corn which can kill them. Willow Woods knew exactly the right requirements for bunnies, including diet, vaccinations, litter training etc. They even watched my bunnies 24/7 and picked up when one of my bunnies was behaving differently because he had to be quarantined and was separated from my other bunny (he was lonely). They put their cages next to each other and he perked up immediately. Willow Woods had no trouble looking after my grumpy (and nipping) bunny so they really must be bunny whisperers. 🙂 The updates, pictures and videos are so reassuring to get, and let you know that you made the right decision choosing Willow woods. This is the only place my bunny babies will be staying when i go on holidays. My bunnies mean too much to me to send them anywhere else.”

    - Sarah H.

  • “Willow Woods is a rabbit owners dream. They provide high quality care in their grooming and boarding services and are so passionate about rabbits. They are always happy for me to pop by and offer any advice and assistance. The first thing I say to any new bunny friends is “Have you been to Willow Woods?” Support this local bunny business instead of pet stores and you won’t ever regret it!”

    -Emma J.

  • “Awesome place. I needed emergency boarding for the buns' cousins. Without hesitation, Willow Woods offered to take them in even though they were already fully booked for Christmas and made them a space to stay for 2 weeks. The trio loved their stay with Willow Woods.”

    -Joelle L.

  • “Absolutely amazing! We always leave our bunny here and feel super safe and happy with our choice every time. We know she is looked well after, being fed well and is a clean and proper facility! If you ever wonder where to board your bunny - THIS IS THE PLACE!”

    -Monique F.

  • “The set-up at Willow Woods is top notch. The lady we dealt with was very professional and helpful. We arranged this at the last moment and fortunately Willow Woods' staff were able and flexible enough to deal with my chaotic work schedule. My bunny Rosie looked particularly healthy when we picked her up. Thank you, Willow Woods!”

    -Mark T.

  • “Fantastic, professional and clean boarding for bunnies only. Booking online is easy! The indoor setup is very impressive and very clean. They have a strict hygiene policy for cleanliness, flea treatments and vaccinations which helps me feel relaxed knowing my bunnies are in a clean environment. The staff are lovely and very helpful and look after all the buns so well! Would definitely book my bunnies in to Willow Woods again.”

    -Rebecca R.

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    A relaxed bunny showing the vibe you get at our luxury indoor rabbit and guinea pig boarding hotel in Melbourne