About Us

the best Rabbit & guinea pig boarding facility in melbourne!

Willow Woods is the only indoor pet hotel of its kind in Hoppers Crossing, in the western suburbs of Melbourne – a custom-built space wholly dedicated to rabbit and guinea pig boarding.

Many didn’t get our vision in the early days, particularly real estate agents who were at a loss to know what sort of properties suit our needs. So, we did all the heavy lifting, creating exactly what we wanted for our furry friends; all the time working with our local council and its department of planning and animal rangers.

Climate-control and being indoors were our top priorities to avoid mosquito transmitted diseases and predator danger. Natural light with skylights and fresh air using industrial extractor fans were also important. Then there was the layout to contend with, separating rabbit and guinea pig boarding areas, with guinea pigs having their own rooms to protect them from the Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria that may be fatally passed from rabbits. And the interiors were jazzed up with luxurious and colourful equipment and toys.

Playing, petting, cuddling, medicine feeds, dashes to the vet, and endless cleaning and disinfecting. We do it all because we simply love our boarders and treat each one of them as our own. We walk the talk because our own beloved pet bunny, Pumpkin, lives here too!

A Hobby Business

As a hobby business, we are passionate about the care of rabbits and guinea pigs. We are a supporter of selected rabbit rescues and shelters. We are insured and registered as a private company which means we aren’t a charity and don’t receive any donations.

Our Qualifications

Our owners are well-qualified. One owner has a biomedicine degree and studied various animal related subjects at undergraduate level including zoology, physiology, animal behaviour, etc. Other other owner was previously an engineer with a couple of masters degrees.

Our Track Record

Since opening in May 2013, our track record is as follows:

  • 0.0% infection rate
  • 0.0% injury rate

Our Pro-Adoption Stance

We don’t sell bunnies or guinea pigs.

We strongly advocate adoption and encourage you to contact shelters such as Australian Animal Protection Society, Lort Smith Animal Hospital, Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage, RSPCA Victoria, The Bluey & Alice Bunny Refuge or Chuffnut Cavies – Australian Cavy Sanctuary directly for surrender and adoption enquiries.

NOTE: We don’t have a permit to run a shelter and are unable to take in unwanted rabbits or guinea pigs.

Corporate Sponsorship

Right at the heart of Willow Woods is the desire to support and assist rabbit and guinea pig rescues by referring prospective bunny or guinea pig parents and providing assistance whenever we can. This may include donations, corporate sponsorships, gift vouchers for inclusion into adoption packs and donations of merchandise for fundraising events.

Willow Woods is currently a Diamond Sponsor for Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage.

Our Boarding Facility & Inclusions

Willow Woods is the only indoor rabbit & guinea pig boarding facility in Melbourne with all of the following:

    • ✓ Premises for rabbits & guinea pigs only (other pets are not permitted on our premises)
    • ✓ Council permit
    • ✓ Insurance
    • ✓ Reverse cycle refrigerated air-conditioning and heating
    • ✓ Windows with flyscreens for a mosquito-free environment
    • ✓ Industrial extractor fans which introduce fresh air & remove stale air
    • ✓ UV air steriliser
    • ✓ Full security with window grilles, monitored alarm system, monitored CCTV system & security gate to complex
    • ✓ Quiet, calm & peaceful environment with no predator animals (such as dogs or cats) boarded here
    • ✓ Soothing music
    • ✓ Daily cleaning and disinfection of cages, play pens & litter trays
    • ✓ Disinfection & hosing down of cages, litter trays and play pens with water & detergent when a bunny or guinea pig leaves
    • ✓ Daily change of unlimited supply of oaten hay (for rabbits) & grass hay (for guinea pigs)
    • ✓ Twice daily serving of fresh vegetables
    • ✓ Socialisation – lot of pats & cuddles provided
    • ✓ Choice of litter trays with grids or traditional rectangle trays lined with litter and hay
    • ✓ Optional daily brushing during the boarding stay for an additional fee
      ✓ Convenience of 24/7 online booking for boarding stays
    • ✓ Complimentary photo updates via Whatsapp or i-Message at least twice weekly
      Three cute bunnies in boxes showing that Willow Woods ticks all the boxes of being the best Rabbit & Guinea Pig boarding facility in Melbourne!

      Our Entry Policy in Brief:

      The following are required for all boarding stays:

      Vaccination record reflecting up-to-date six-monthly or annual calicivirus vaccination (for rabbits only).

      Recent flea/mite treatment with Revolution for Puppies/Kittens (eg. receipt from vet or un-used tube to be applied in our presence).


      The onus is on you to prove it. Your bunny will be turned away if you are unable to produce a valid and up-to-date vaccination record, even if you are scheduled to leave for your holiday on the same day. We make absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy to protect our bunny boarders, to adhere to the Code of Practice for the Operation of Boarding Establishments and to satisfy insurance requirements.

      Cute bunny in a felt basket overlooking our positive customer reviews for our luxury small pet boarding facility in Melbourne!
      • “Our bun boarded at Willow Woods over the holiday period. Willow Woods – you were amazing the whole time! My husband dropped our bun off as I was interstate, and you were prompt and responsive to all my queries and the photo updates were a relief to see our bun so happy. Thank you again for the clean, safe and beautiful facilities for the buns! Love the work you do and we highly recommend this place to board your buns.”

        - Thy N

      • "Had the pleasure of stopping by to check out the facilities and was really impressed! Outstanding passion and care has gone into this business. Lucky bunnies!”

        - Binky Babies Bunny Rescue

      • “It was a great choice sending my two bunnies to Willow Woods Bunny Boarding. My rabbits were taken good care of, clean environment, occasional snacks and toys to play. Loving owner. They came back looking healthy and happy. Best place for your rabbits to be when you are on holiday. Couldn’t thank them enough! I highly recommend it!”

        - Iris K.

      • “The team provide an excellent service in bunny-customised facilities. My bunny stayed recently for the first time, and I picked him up - happy and healthy - two weeks later. Will absolutely book him in again and recommend Willow Woods to anyone needing a first-rate bunny hotel!”

        - Jo N.

      • “Fantastic services, Willow Woods are very considerate of special needs bunnies.”

        - Janice L.

      • “During our wedding and over our honeymoon, Willow woods took care of our boys. They must have done an amazing job as they are home and they look healthy and happy, thank you for taking care of our little terrors we will always be back whenever the boys need somewhere to stay.”

        - Lauren B.

      • “I cannot stress enough how thankful I am that we have access to such a great bunny boarding facility in Melbourne - Our rescue bun is only approximately two years old and has been to hell and back with health issues and vet visits, which has always left us worried putting him into boarding. Willow Woods went absolutely above and beyond to keep our bunny safe and healthy, and unfortunately a health issue did arise during his last stay - however, Willow Woods were extremely proactive with getting him to our preferred vet to be seen ASAP, and bent over backwards for our little boy to make sure he was okay. We will absolutely continue to use Willow Woods again and again for boarding, as we have so much faith and trust in them as they know what they are doing.”

        - Nicole Y.