May I bring my bunny’s or guinea pig’s favourite things?


Of course! We are committed to making your bunny’s or guinea pig’s stay an enjoyable one. You are welcome to bring anything that your bunny or guinea pig is accustomed to having, including toys, blanket, litter tray, bowl, food pellets, treats, vitamins and so on. All items must be labelled to avoid mix-ups or losses.

However, we ask that you clean all items thoroughly prior to bringing them into our facility and to bring only a reasonable quantity of items due to limited storage space. Everything that you bring must either fit into or on top of the accommodation that you have booked for your bunny or guinea pig.

Please note that we are unable to accept carpets, rugs, mats, etc. which are not washable or disposable. If in doubt, send us a photo of the items which you would like to bring, in advance of arrival.