Why isn’t play time offered?


In the interest of infection control, boarders do not share any facilities during their stay. They remain in their accommodation for the full duration of their stay.

Unlike the practice by kennels, whereby dogs can run and play freely with one another in a fenced-off area, it is not possible to adopt a similar practice for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Firstly, communal playtime will result in fights and injuries amongst rabbit boarders and cavy campers with almost certainty.

Secondly, during separate playtime for each set of rabbits or guinea pigs (from one family at a time), excessive marking of territory will usually occur, with urine and faecal droppings left all over the floor. In between use, it takes approximately 30 minutes to properly wipe down and disinfect each playpen and enclosed floor space. At the current boarding rates, after deducting GST, the costs of food, rent, electricity, water and other overheads, this means our staff will be working way below the minimum wage in order to provide this service.