Guinea Pig Boarding

Willow Woods Cavy Camp is a lovely and relaxing indoor boarding facility custom designed for guinea pigs. We believe that an indoor environment suits guinea pigs better as the ambient temperature can be controlled which eliminates the risk of heatstroke in summer. In addition, the risk of attacks by predators is virtually zero.

Guinea pigs are accommodated in a separate room away from rabbits, as rabbits can pass bacteria (Bordetella bronchiseptica) to guinea pigs, which can result in a fatal respiratory disease in guinea pigs. Therefore, the room is strictly for guinea pigs only.

Facilities & Inclusions


Hygienic environment

Climate control
Tunnels & hide-outs

Hay/litter trays cleaned daily


Daily pats & cuddles

Vegetables & unlimited grass hay


1.4 m (L) by 0.7 m (W) by 0.64 m (H)
Suitable for up to 4 guinea pigs
Upgrades to 5 x 2 grids available

What You Need to Do

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Our boarding facility is open for tours only on Saturdays between 11 am to 12:30 pm, strictly by appointment only.

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Refer to our packing list as a guide for packing for your guinea pig’s boarding stay.

  • “Willow Woods is absolutely 5 star. The facilities and the staff are of the highest standard. For rabbits and guinea pigs, Willow Woods is absolutely perfect. The cages are spotless and perfectly set up. I will definitely bring my guinea pig back to Willow Woods.”

    – Andrew P.

  • “Great facility. Willow Woods was very professional and my guinea pigs were well treated. Would recommend to anyone looking for a guinea pig carer while on holiday.”

    – Nabeel M.