Guinea Pig Boarding Packing List

What to pack for your guinea pig’s stay

Not sure what your furry friend should bring to our luxury guinea pig hotel? This packing list serves as a guide for your guinea pig’s stay at Willow Woods Cavy Camp.


1. Proof of recent mite treatment as a preventive measure.
(a) receipt not older than 3 months reflecting mite treatment at a vet clinic, or
(b) an un-opened tube of Revolution for Puppies & Kittens for treatment during check-in (not before!)
(c) purchase a tube of Revolution for Puppies & Kittens from us.

Please note that the use of mite sprays is not acceptable for our boarding purposes as they have not been found to be effective.

2. Clean, light-weight carrier in good working condition for use during emergency evacuations
Note: Baskets with open topsboxes with open tops, cardboard carriers and bulky/heavy carriers are not useful during emergency evacuations. Neither are damaged carriers that take a while to open or shut.

3. Oxbow Critical Care & meloxicam, if your guinea pig has a history of gut stasis

4. Medication (if any) with clear instructions

5. Brush/comb if you would like your guinea pig to be brushed daily during the stay (additional fees apply).


6. Pellets, mixes and/or treats with daily quantity to be fed clearly indicated on the container, otherwise, the quantity will be given at our discretion.

7. Litter tray and/or litter material

8. Water bottle or bowl

9. Clean toys

10. Clean fleece, towels or beds


A. Label all your guinea pig’s belongings especially beds, towels and blankets, to avoid mix-ups during the laundry process.

B. As storage space is limited, do not bring along an excessive amount of items.

C. A cleaning and disinfection charge of $10 will be imposed on each item that is soiled/dirty when initially brought into our facility. There is no charge for cleaning these if they are soiled during your guinea pig’s stay.