Online Booking for Grooming Appointment on Saturdays

1.  All time slots are for a period of 15 minutes.

2.  Select the required number of time slots.

  • Nail clip: 15 minutes
  • Full groom which includes nail clip (short-furred rabbit): 30 minutes
  • Full groom which includes nail clip (long-furred rabbit): 1 hour

3.  Rates for full groom of long-furred rabbits start from $33.

  • Long-furred rabbits refer to angora rabbits or cashmere rabbits.
  • A fee quote will be provided in person after the size and condition of your long-furred bunny has been assessed.
  • Additional charges (if any) will be payable after the grooming session.

4.  Rates do not include clipping off matted fur. Additional charges (if any) will be payable after the grooming session, starting from $15.

5.  Appointment times are fixed.

  • There will not be an opportunity to re-schedule the appointment at the last minute.
  • If you are late for your appointment, we will endeavour to complete the grooming session within the remainder of the time slot. However, this is not guaranteed and we will not provide refunds for incomplete grooming if you are late for your appointment in the first instance.

6.  Charges for late pick-up

  • Please pick up your rabbit punctually at the end of the appointment time as daycare fees may be levied for delayed pick-ups within our business hours.
  • In addition, after business hours surcharges of $30 per half hour block (or part thereof) will be imposed for late pick-ups outside our business hours.

Contact us for assistance if you experience any issues with the online booking system.