Rabbit Boarding

Willow Woods Bunny Boarding is a beautiful and tranquil indoor boarding facility custom designed for rabbits. We believe an indoor environment suits rabbits better as the ambient temperature can be controlled, the risk of attacks by predators can be reduced and largely eliminated, and the risk of contracting myxomatosis or calicivirus through mosquito bites can be reduced. Rabbits are accommodated in a large room on the first floor of our premises, which is strictly for rabbits only.

Facilities & Inclusions

Fresh air & natural light
Climate control
Hygienic environment
Tunnels in play pens
Igloos in cages
Hay/litter trays cleaned daily

Corner trays on request

Daily pats & cuddles
Vegetables & unlimited oaten hay


1.22 m (L) by 0.75 m (W) by 0.83 m (H)

Suitable for up to 2 bonded elderly or less active rabbits
2 m (L) by 1 m (W) by 1.2 m (H)

Suitable for up to 4 bonded rabbits
1.6 m (L) by 1.6 m (W) by 1.2 m (H)

Suitable for up to 5 bonded rabbits
3 m (L) by 1 m (W) by 1.2 m (H)

Suitable for up to 6 bonded rabbits
2.4 m (L) by 2.4 m (W) by 1.2 m (H)

Suitable for up to 6 rabbits

What You Need to Do

Book a Tour

Our boarding facility is open for tours only on Saturdays between 11 am to 12:30 pm, strictly by appointment only

Book A Stay

Click here to check rates, availability or to make an online booking.
Pack Bag

Refer to our packing list as a guide for packing for your bunny’s boarding stay.

  • “Extremely clean, organised and well run rabbit boarding. Will definitely recommend.”

    – Eugene S. 

  • “Such a wonderful place filled with lots of love. Staff at Willow Woods are so knowledgeable and Louella loves them. Wouldn’t leave my fur baby anywhere else!”

    – Chelsea L. 

  • “Willow Woods is a great place for your bunny to stay! The level of care provided is outstanding, and attention is paid to each bunny’s needs. Highly recommended! Thanks for looking after our Benji very well.”

    – Sarah G. 

  • “Thank you for taking excellent care of our rabbit. I would not hesitate to leave our rabbit in your capable hands and fantastic facility again. I would recommend Willow Woods to anyone looking for rabbit boarding without hesitation. A nice touch to receive photo and video updates.”

    – Simon G. 

  • “Fastidiously clean, with a really friendly and lovely manager. Excellent price for the service you get.”

    – Katrina M. 

  • “Best rabbit accommodation in Melbourne!”

    – Julianne M.