Rabbit Boarding

Melbourne's only luxury indoor rabbit boarding hotel!

Willow Woods Bunny Boarding is a beautiful and tranquil indoor rabbit boarding facility, custom-designed just for bunnies.

We believe an indoor environment suits rabbits better as the ambient temperature can be controlled, the risk of attacks by predators can be largely eliminated, and the risk of contracting Myxomatosis or Calicivirus through mosquito bites can be reduced.

Note: We are currently not taking bookings as we are looking to relocate closer to the city in response to customers' requests for a more convenient location. We look forward to boarding your bunnies & guinea pigs again at our new premises in the new future. Stay tuned for announcements!

Facilities & Inclusions

Fresh air and natural light at our rabbit boarding hotel in Melbourne
Fresh air & natural light
Climate control at our rabbit boarding hotel in Melbourne
Climate control
A cute bunny showing the hygeinic environment at our rabbit boarding hotel in Melbourne
Hygienic environment
Heavy ceramic water bowls for our bunny guests
Ceramic water bowl
Yummy Oaten Hay
Oaten hay
Hay in a container for bunnies at our rabbit boarding hotel in Melbourne
Hay/litter trays cleaned daily
A kitty litter tray for bunnies at our rabbit boarding hotel in Melbourne

Corner trays on request

A cute bunny in blankets showing the daily pats a cuddles your pets get at our rabbit boarding hotel in Melbourne
Daily pats & cuddles
Three bunnies eating greens showing the unlimited vegetables your pets get at our rabbit boarding hotel in Melbourne
Vegetables & unlimited oaten hay


Comfy bunny play pen accommodation at our rabbit boarding hotel in Melbourne
1.6 m (L) by 1.6 m (W) by 1.2 m (H)

Suitable for up to 5 bonded rabbits

What You Need to Do

Our bunny boarding facility in Hoppers Crossing, near Melbourne
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Booking calendar for bunny boarding stays
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A cure bunny in heart glasses representing what to pack for a bunny boarding stay
Pack Bag

Refer to our bunny boarding packing list as a guide for packing for your bunny’s boarding stay.

A cute bunny in a beanie looking over customer reviews for our rabbit boarding hotel in Melbourne
  • “Extremely clean, organised and well run rabbit boarding. Will definitely recommend.”

    – Eugene S. 

  • “Such a wonderful place filled with lots of love. Staff at Willow Woods are so knowledgeable and Louella loves them. Wouldn't leave my fur baby anywhere else!”

    – Chelsea L. 

  • “Willow Woods is a great place for your bunny to stay! The level of care provided is outstanding, and attention is paid to each bunny's needs. Highly recommended! Thanks for looking after our Benji very well.”

    – Sarah G. 

  • “Thank you for taking excellent care of our rabbit. I would not hesitate to leave our rabbit in your capable hands and fantastic facility again. I would recommend Willow Woods to anyone looking for rabbit boarding without hesitation. A nice touch to receive photo and video updates.”

    – Simon G. 

  • “Fastidiously clean, with a really friendly and lovely manager. Excellent price for the service you get.”

    – Katrina A. via Google Reviews 

  • “Best rabbit accommodation in Melbourne!”

    – Julianne M. 

  • My bunnies, Poppie and Winston, are regular customers at Willow Woods Bunny Boarding and I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It’s immaculately clean and all bunnies are greatly cared for. Poppie and Winston always enjoy their stay.

    Natalie M. 

  • I would recommend this rabbit holiday place, the owner shows how much he cares for the rabbits and knowledge about them. We will certainly be taking Roxy back there knowing the she is cared for and safe.

    Lisa G. 

  • Run by the sweetest people who genuinely love and understand rabbits. Couldn't recommend boarding with these guys enough❤️

    Madison S. 

  • I cannot stress enough how thankful I am that we have access to such a great bunny boarding facility in Melbourne - Our rescue bun is only approximately two years old and has been to hell and back with health issues and vet visits, which has always left us worried putting him into boarding. Willow Woods went absolutely above and beyond to keep our bunny safe and healthy, and unfortunately a health issue did arise during his last stay - however, Willow Woods were extremely proactive with getting him to our preferred vet to be seen ASAP, and bent over backwards for our little boy to make sure he was okay. We will absolutely continue to use Willow Woods again and again for boarding, as we have so much faith and trust in them as they know what they are doing.

    Nicole Y. 

  • Willow Woods is the perfect holiday spot for your bunny. The staff are lovely and reply promptly via email. The facility is very clean and the cages/runs are very spacious. I even received photo updates which put my mind to rest! Would highly recommend!

    Simone V. 

  • Thank you so much for looking after my bunny during the holidays. I will definitely recommend to any bunny owner wanting a secure and fun place for their fur baby. The accommodation provided is so clean, well-looked after and secure. So lucky to have you guys provide this service in Melbourne. A big thank you.

    Sanjini L. 

  • Fantastic services, Willow Woods are very considerate of special needs bunnies.

    Janice L. 

  • Fantastic, professional and clean boarding for bunnies only. Booking online is easy! The indoor setup is very impressive and very clean. They have a strict hygiene policy for cleanliness, flea treatments and vaccinations which helps me feel relaxed knowing my bunnies are in a clean environment. The staff at Willow Woods are lovely and very helpful and look after all the buns so well! Would definitely book my bunnies in to Willow Woods again.

    Rebecca R. 

  • The team provide an excellent service in bunny-customised facilities. My bunny stayed recently for the first time, and I picked him up - happy and healthy - two weeks later. Will absolutely book him in again and recommend Willow Woods to anyone needing a first-rate bunny hotel!

    Jo N. 

  • Had the pleasure of stopping by to check out the facilities and was really impressed! Outstanding passion and care has gone into this business. Lucky bunnies!

    Binky Babies Bunny Rescue

  • I have no hesitations about recommending Willow Woods to any bunny owner. Last year, I left my 2 bunnies there for a month, one of which is very shy, and the other who had been extremely unwell and in hospital for the week leading up to our departure.  I was absolutely stressed to the max and didn’t want to leave, but Willow Woods was totally awesome the whole time. My bunnies are booked in again for their 2nd visit and I know that I will be able to relax on my holiday, knowing that they will be well looked after.

    Marina C.

  • The place is clean, very nicely spaced and air conditioned for the bunnies. When I went there, all the bunnies were very relaxed. My bunnies had no problem adjusting themselves. Thank you Willow Woods!!! You are the Star!

    Milon P.

  • Awesome place. I needed emergency boarding for the buns' cousins. Without hesitation, Willow Woods offered to take them in even though they were already fully booked for Christmas and made them a space to stay for 2 weeks. The trio loved their stay with Willow Woods.

    – Joelle L.

  • My little Cookie bun had been very unwell with impacted bowels and weight loss for almost 2 months before it was time to check in to willow woods. My partner and I had to go overseas for 3 weeks. I was very anxious about leaving him there because he was pretty vulnerable. We were updated throughout our holiday with photos of Cookie and notified on how he was doing. When we collected him he looked better than he ever has been before! He's gained weight, healthier coat and binkying again. We can't praise Willow Woods enough. Thank you so much. Super recommend to anyone else.

    – Michelle B.

  • Excellent management and great feedback on care of bunny. Excellent facilities for the bunnies.

    – Victor P.

  • Willow Woods is a very well run professional rabbit boarding place we have used for our bunnies. I love the atmosphere there and the way they take care of the rabbits . My bunnies stayed there for 5 days and they were flexible when another day was required. I highly recommend Willow Woods to all rabbit lovers.

    – Maria S.

  • During our wedding and over our honeymoon, Willow Woods took care of our boys. They must have done an amazing job as they are home and they look healthy and happy. Thank you for taking care of our little terrors. We will always be back whenever the boys need somewhere to stay.

    – Lauren K.

  • Absolutely amazing! We always leave our bunny here and feel super safe and happy with our choice every time. We know she is looked well after, being fed well and is a clean and proper facility! If you ever wonder where to board your bunny - THIS IS THE PLACE!

    – Monique F.

  • It was a great choice sending my two bunnies to Willow Woods Bunny Boarding. My rabbits were taken good care of, clean environment, occasional snacks and toys to play. Loving owner. They came back looking healthy and happy. Best place for your rabbits to be when you are on holiday. Couldn't thank them enough! I highly recommend it!

    – Iris K.

  • First time I'd ever left my shy rabbit. Hugo is 6. Everything was just fine and little extras like photos and videos made all the difference. 3 weeks is a long time and I'm glad I'd left him with Willow Woods with their experience. And Hugo is home & binkying around, no stress, so it makes me think he had a little fun too. Oh and its super clean. Thank you very much.

    – Julie A.

  • Our bun boarded at Willow Woods over the holiday period. Willow Woods - you were amazing the whole time! My husband dropped our bun off as I was interstate, and you were prompt and responsive to all my queries and the photo updates were a relief to see our bun so happy. Thank you again for the clean, safe and beautiful facilities for the buns! Love the work you do and we highly recommend this place to board your buns.

    – Thy N.

  • Willow Woods is a rabbit owners dream. They provide high quality care in their grooming and boarding services and are so passionate about rabbits. They are always happy for me to pop by and offer any advice and assistance. The first thing I say to any new bunny friends is "Have you been to Willow Woods?" Support this local bunny business instead of pet stores and you won't ever regret it!

    – Emma J.

  • I cannot recommend Willow Woods Bunny Boarding enough! Fabulous service, very professional, extremely clean, and we didn't have to worry about Flopsy while we were away. Loved the picture updates and the concern for privacy by not tagging the owners. Keep up the great work!

    – Shannon L.

  • The set-up at Willow Woods is top notch. The lady we dealt with was very professional and helpful. We arranged this at the last moment and fortunately Willow Woods' staff were able and flexible enough to deal with my chaotic work schedule. My bunny Rosie looked particularly healthy when we picked her up. Thank you, Willow Woods!

    – Mark T.

  • Willow Woods is a great place for your bunny to stay! The level of care provided is outstanding, and attention is paid to each bunny's needs. Highly recommended! Thanks for looking after our Benji very well.

    – Sarah G.

  • Willow Woods took great care of Ash and Bella recently. It was so good to be able to go on holiday and to be able to relax knowing they were in safe hands. We will certainly be using this wonderful service again in the future.

    – Anne G.

  • “My rabbit boarded over the weekend and I cannot thank and recommend Willow Woods enough. I am always nervous leaving my bunny with people but I could thoroughly enjoy my holiday knowing my bunny was in safe hands! Upon pick up, my bunny was so relaxed and happy! Thank you Willow Woods, you will definitely be seeing me again in the near future! xx

    – Samantha M.

  • Thank you for looking after our bunnies when we were away. They were in such clean and wonderful state upon our return. Definitely well looked after. You did an absolutely great job.

    – Elizabeth O.

  • An outstanding facility for bunnies! My rabbit has visited twice and I have the utmost trust in Willow Woods' knowledge and experience. They looked after my rabbit so well and catered to all his likes/needs. I am so pleased to have found Willow Woods as it was a massive relief knowing he was in good hands whiIe I was away. A bonus was receiving the Facebook photo updates! I would not hesitate to book my bunny in again and I highly recommend this facility.

    – Sarah M.

  • It was Olive's first time at Willow Woods and she seemed at home! Willow Woods is so very helpful and accommodating, we are so very thankful. Definitely recommend this place for your hun-buns. Olive shall be back!

    – Lui T.

  • Thank you so much for caring for Flopsy, Frosty and Thumper so well for 2 weeks. They came back from their time with you happy and healthy.

    Sally-Ann via 'Thank You' card

  • Thanks so much for taking care of my love. Excellent job!

    Maia B. via Instagram

  • Must recommend Willow Woods. My bunny has been there twice now and has received excellent care even though he needed extra care.

    Janine T. via a Facebook BSS group

  • Our Simba is becoming a regular guest at Willow Woods. Simba has boarded twice during the past 3 months. Thank you so very much for your kind hospitality and friendly service. You are a true bunny friend. You will be seeing a lot of Simba as time out is needed from the family and enjoy a short holiday with the Willow Woods family. Thank you once again, Willow Woods.

    Felix F.

  • We have boarded our bunny here a couple of times now. All rabbits in their care are provided with a trustworthy & comfortable indoor environment. The owners are very knowledgeable about rabbits, they provide daily food supplies, exercise and cage clean-up to the boarders. Our bunny was well cared for with lots of love and attention. You can bring treats and toys, to make your bunny comfortable during boarding period. They even sent regular photos and videos while we were on holidays. Their new indoor facility is spacious, bright, with controlled temperature. Good to see they have grooming services now! I'd highly recommend Willow Woods boarding services and their genuinely caring owners.

    Inge M.

  • We boarded our bunny Pedro with Willow Woods over the Christmas holidays. It was his first boarding experience and we were all extremely happy with the level of care provided. It was lovely to receive updates and photos of Pedro during his stay and we will definitely board him again.

    Peta S.

  • What an amazing service you provide! Thank you so very much for taking care of my two babies (especially grumpy Lola) whilst I went away. Definitely recommending you to all my friends who have bunnies!

    Rebecca A.

  • My bunny Binky Rose stayed at Willow Woods for 8 nights. While she was there, I was sent photos of her and a cute video of her playing with a new toy that she had as a fun thing to do. Something new to her that wasn't from home.  It was so cute to watch. To me, this showed that Willow Woods went beyond caring for Binks, but caring for me to ensure that I wasn't fretting and was reminded that she was in good hands. My bunny came home very healthy and happy. She was relaxed and her usual un-stressed self. I feel so lucky to have a bunny home away from home for my girl while I'm away. I know she is nurtured & safe. The environment is lovely. The pen sizes are good and the facility is well set out.  Highly recommended.

    S Whitten.

  • Very friendly and professional. I would recommend this service to anyone needing temporary care for their rabbits.

    Andrew B. via Google Reviews