Online Booking (Rabbit Play Pen)


Bunny Accommodation Melbourne

Our play pens are the perfect accommodation option for 1 to 4 bonded bunnies to have a getaway. Fresh food, a fun tunnel, and plenty of care and attention mean your bunnies will probably be having a better time away than you!

2.4 m (L) by 0.8 m (W) by 1.2 m (H) enclosure

Furnished with bed, towel, litter tray, bowl/bottle, and toys

Photo updates via Facebook twice per week

Maximum capacity: 4 bonded bunnies per play pen

Minimum boarding period for a play pen: 4 days

Select the relevant dates to find out the total cost. It is not necessary to contact us to enquire about availability or rates as the booking calendars reflect up-to-date daily rates & availability.

Dates in GREEN: At least 1 spot is available.
Dates in RED: Completely
booked out.