Rabbit Boarding Packing List

What to pack for your bunny’s boarding stay

Not sure what your furry friend should bring to our luxury rabbit hotel? This packing list serves as a guide for your bunny’s stay at Willow Woods Bunny Boarding.


1. Current 6-monthly or annual calicivirus vaccination record, ie. must be valid for the entire duration of your bunny’s stay.

2. Proof of recent mite treatment as a preventive measure.
(a) receipt not older than 3 months reflecting mite treatment at a vet clinic, or
(b) an un-opened tube of Revolution for Puppies & Kittens for treatment during check-in (not before!)
(c) purchase a tube of Revolution for Puppies & Kittens from us.

Please note that the use of mite sprays is not acceptable for our boarding purposes as they have not been found to be effective.

3. Clean, light-weight carrier in good working condition for use during emergency evacuations

Note: Baskets with open topsboxes with open tops, cardboard carriers and bulky/heavy carriers are not useful during emergency evacuations. Neither are damaged carriers that take a while to open or shut.

4. Oxbow Critical Care & meloxicam, if your bunny has a history of gut stasis

5. Medication (if any) with clear instructions

6. Brush/comb if you would like your bunny to be brushed daily during the stay (additional fees apply).


7. Pellets, mixes and/or treats with daily quantity to be fed clearly indicated on the container, otherwise, the quantity will be given at our discretion.

8. Litter tray and/or litter material

9. Water bottle or bowl

10. Clean toys

11. Clean towels and/or clean cat beds


A. Label all your bunny’s belongings especially beds, towels and blankets, to avoid mix-ups during the laundry process.

B. As storage space is limited, do not bring along an excessive amount of items.

C. A cleaning and disinfection charge of $10 will be imposed on each item that is soiled/dirty when initially brought into our facility. There is no charge for cleaning these if they are soiled during your bunny’s stay.