Bunny Boarding Information

The best bunny boarding in Melbourne! (Well, we think so)

Fresh Air & Natural Light

Exposure to natural light is possible through fly-screened windows and roof skylights.

The light and bright space for our bunny boarders

Industrial grade extractor fans are used to extract stale air and to introduce fresh air into our boarding facility.


Reverse cycle refrigerative air-conditioning/heating units are used in our facility, and the ambient temperature is maintained at a comfortable level at all times.

Air conditioner showing the temperate controlled climate of our bunny boarding facility in Melbourne


All bunnies are housed in metal cages or metal play pens, separated from one another with white solid-core boards.

Our cages or playpens are placed on the floor individually. None are stacked vertically.


Our aim is to maintain a clean and hygienic environment, to reduce the risk of infectious diseases being spread from boarder to boarder.

The bases of cages or pens and litter trays are cleaned and disinfected with F10 daily. They are also washed with detergent under running water after each bunny checks out. All foam board separators are washed and disinfected when soiled or when each bunny checks out of the facility.

In addition, a UV air steriliser is used to prevent the transmission of air-borne viruses and bacteria amongst our bunny boarders.

Before and after our daily cleaning and disinfection routine:

Before shot of our cage cleaning at our bunny pet hotel in Melbourne  After shot of a clean cage at our bunny pet hotel in Melbourne


Igloos or Boxes

Rabbits love hiding in burrows. However, in a man-made environment, this is not possible. Providing them somewhere to hide gives them a sense of security.

The largest-sized igloo hide-outs are provided in cages.

    A fun igloo toy for bunnies

Upon request, cardboard boxes are provided for bunnies who love to chew cardboard or are too big for the igloo hide-outs.

Litter Trays

Litter trays will be provided. These will be cleaned and disinfected with vanodine or F10 on a daily basis.

There is a choice of a corner tray with a metal grid, or a rectangular tray with or without an additional sieve-like tray.

The corner tray with metal grid will keep your bunny’s feet from becoming soiled, and also, prevent access to the paper litter pellets, which are discarded daily and replenished with fresh supplies.

The rectangular litter tray will be lined with newspaper, which is covered with hay. There is an option to add a sieve-like tray, to limit access to the soiled newspaper and to keep your bunny’s feet dry.

A clean and hygeinic litter tray at our rabbit boarding facility in Melbourne  A basket of hay for our bunny guests

Drinking Water

There is a choice of a bowl or a bottle with a large spout. Bottles or bowls are washed daily and replenished with fresh supplies of cleaning drinking water. However, our experience has been that most rabbits would not use our drinking bottles, so it would be advisable to bring along your own bottles.


A rabbit water drinker


All bunnies are given fresh vegetables everyday, and an unlimited supply of oaten hay.

There is an option to purchase extra serving of timothy hay at $1 per day.  This is in addition to unlimited oaten hay, which is included in the boarding rates.

If you would like your bunnies to be fed dry pellets or mixes, be sure to pack an ample supply for the duration of their stay, as these are not included in our rates.

Not included:
Bunny food pellets at our rabbit boarding facility in Melbourne Bunny food for our boarders

Socialisation / Playtime 

All bunnies are socialised and provided with daily cuddles and pats. However, bunnies from different families will not come into contact during their stay.  This is to avoid the risk of fights and injuries.

In the interest of infection control, bunnies do not share any facilities during their stay. They remain in their accommodation for the full duration of their stay.


Boarding fees include:
– unlimited supply of oaten hay
– daily serving of vegetables
– daily cleaning and disinfection of flooring, litter tray, water bottle & dishes
– cuddles & pats
– use of equipment: litter tray, water bottle, dishes & toys
– climate control
– 24/7 security

Weekly photo updates via our Facebook page are complimentary for all boarding bunnies.
Note: Updates via phone / email / Facebook messages are not part of our service, and may incur additional charges.

Grooming services are not included in the boarding fees. However, a daily brushing service is available as an optional extra during boarding stays.

Packing List

Refer to our packing list as a guide for packing for your bunny’s boarding stay.


Our boarding facility is currently NOT open for tours due to COVID-19.

More Photos & Videos

More photos of our facility, cages, exercise pens and toys are available on our Facebook page, while videos are available in our You Tube Channel.

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