Rabbit Grooming

Rabbit grooming services are available ONLY for bunnies during their boarding stay with us. Grooming services are not available for non-boarding bunnies.

The following optional services may be added to your boarding booking for an additional fee:
– Nail clip
– Daily brushing of fur
– Full groom: Nail clip, dry bath, cleaning of scent glands, light trimming and brushing of fur, but excludes clipping of matted fur.

Light clipping of matted fur is not included in the standard grooming fees, and additional fees will apply depending on the extent of matted fur, complexity of the job and time taken.




Bunnies are given regular rest breaks during their grooming sessions to ensure that they do not feel stressed by the handling, and will be returned to their cage or play pen for these breaks, to ensure that they can have some food and water during this time.

More photos are available on our Facebook page.


1. We are unable to assist with clipping of badly matted fur or full body clips. It can be painful for a bunny to have large clumps of fur clipped off as they are usually located close to the skin. The bunny may be stressed and struggle. We recommend seeking vet assistance in such instances, as grooming under sedation may be necessary.

2. Stains on fur cannot be washed off and will have to be trimmed or clipped off. In most instances, especially where the stains are widespread, there is a limit to the amount of stained fur which can be removed.