Rabbit Boarding

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Guinea Pig Boarding

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Our Boarding Facility & Inclusions

Willow Woods is the only indoor rabbit & guinea pig boarding facility in Melbourne with all of the following:

✓ Premises for rabbits & guinea pigs only (other pets are not permitted on our premises)

✓ Council permit

✓ Insurance

✓ Reverse cycle refrigerated air-conditioning and heating

✓ Windows with flyscreens for a mosquito-free environment

✓ Industrial extractor fans which introduce fresh air & remove stale air

✓ UV air steriliser

✓ Full security with window grilles, monitored alarm system, monitored CCTV system & security gate to complex

✓ Quiet, calm & peaceful environment with no predator animals (such as dogs or cats) boarded here

✓ Soothing music in rabbit boarding area

✓ Daily cleaning and disinfection of cages, play pens & litter trays using F10 & disposable wipes

✓ Hosing down of cages, litter trays and play pens with water and detergent when a bunny or guinea pig leaves

✓ Unlimited supply and daily change of oaten hay for rabbits and grass hay for guinea pigs (lucerne hay is available for juveniles upon request)

✓ Daily serving of fresh vegetables

✓ Socialisation – lot of pats & cuddles

✓ Choice of litter trays with grids or traditional rectangle trays lined with litter and hay

✓ Complimentary weekly photo updates via our Facebook page

✓ Optional grooming for an additional fee during their boarding stay (for bunnies only)

✓ Convenience of 24/7 online booking for boarding stays