Risk Management

Policies & Procedures

We pride ourselves on ensuring the wellbeing and safety of all bunnies and guinea pig(s) in our care, and have therefore, written this set of risk management policies and procedures.

Contactless Check-Ins / Check-Outs in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

To minimise the spread of the COVID-19 virus, check ins and outs of pets will be contactless. Please ring us when you arrive at our premises. Your pet(s) need to be in their enclosures and put outside our door where they will be collected by a staff member. Please remain in your car and communicate with us via mobile phone if necessary. Remember to wear a mask at all times.


We are well-equipped with monitored security systems to prevent break-ins.

We are located in a gated industrial complex. The gates to the complex are shut after hours and may only be opened with a swipe card or remote control. There are CCTV cameras in the complex.

There are also CCTV cameras outside our facility, aimed at the front façade and entrance. Within our facility, we have numerous CCTV cameras and an alarm system.


We are fully equipped with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, which are connected to our alarm system. These are checked regularly, in line with legislation, to ensure that they are in working order.

In the event of a fire, we will attempt to put out the fire with our fire extinguishers, failing which, emergency services will be contacted. All bunnies and guinea pigs will be placed in their carriers and evacuated from the building in an orderly fashion. (This is why your carriers should be labelled with your bunny’s or guinea pig’s name, in good working condition and can be totally enclosed. Cardboard boxes, open top boxes or huge bulky cages are not safe to use in the event of an emergency evacuation.)

Roof Leak

Our roof is regularly checked and maintained by a qualified plumber. Additional flashing and drainage have been installed as a precautionary measure against a possible deluge of rain.

Gas Leak

We are not at risk of a gas leak as we do not have any gas supply to our facility, and do not use any portable gas cylinders.

Infection Control

All cages, play pens and litter trays are cleaned and disinfected with F10 on a daily basis. This process is repeated when each bunny or guinea pig checks out and all items used by the bunny or guinea pig will be washed with detergent and running water, and then disinfected once again.

All bunny or guinea pig owners must treat their bunnies  or guinea pigs against fleas/mites with Revolution for Puppies/Kittens prior to entering our facility. This will help to prevent the spread of diseases via vectors such as fleas and mites.

All bunny owners must ensure that their bunnies are up to date with their Calicivirus vaccinations. Calicivirus is highly infectious, formite-transmitted and fatal, which is why we are strict about not boarding any bunnies without vaccination records.

Bunny or Guinea Pig Requiring Veterinary Care

When you first check in your bunny or guinea pig, you will be required to provide an emergency contact and the contact details of your preferred vet. You will also be asked to confirm in writing whether you prefer to have your bunny or guinea pig sent to your preferred vet or a vet of our choice in the event of a medical emergency.

In the event that your bunny or guinea pig requires veterinary care, the following steps will be taken:

  1. You will be contacted by phone in the first instance and be advised of the situation.
  2. If we are unable to contact you, we will contact your emergency contact person to request for instructions.
  3. If we are unable to contact both you and your emergency contact person, and the situation calls for us to rely on clause 17 of our terms and conditions, we will take your bunny or guinea pig to the nearest rabbit/ guinea pig savvy vet clinic.

At all times, it would be advisable to be mindful of the following constraints:
(a)        Level of urgency for medical treatment.
(b)        Availability of an appointment at your nominated vet.
(c)        Prevailing traffic conditions between our facility and your nominated vet, which may delay prompt medical treatment.
(d)        Distance between our facility and your nominated vet.

Death of Bunny or Guinea Pig

Our policy and procedure relating to the death of a bunny or guinea pig is specified in clause 18 of our terms and conditions.

We will refund the balance of the boarding fees in the event of your bunny’s or guinea pig’s death, after deducting any other fees. We will do so, as a gesture of goodwill, even if the death of your bunny or guinea pig is through no fault of ours.