Guinea Pig Boarding Information

Melbourne’s Only Luxury Guinea Pig Hotel!

Just take a look at what’s included with a stay at our luxury indoor guinea pig hotel! Our small pet boarding facility has been custom-built just for rabbits and guinea pigs so they’re comfortable, content, and looked after during their stay with us. So give your furry friend a holiday of their own while you’re away!


Reverse cycle refrigerative air-conditioning/heating units are used in our facility, and the ambient temperature is maintained at a comfortable level at all times.

The entry to our spacious guinea pig boarding space  A view of multiple small pet accommodation options at indoor guinea pig boarding hotel in Melbourne


All guinea pigs are housed in metal cages or C&C pens, separated from one another with white solid-core boards.

The inside of one of our guinea pig accommodation options

Cages & playpens are placed on the floor individually. They are not stacked vertically for hygiene and safety reasons.

The base of each cage or pen is lined with puppy pads under a towel or fleece.

Dimensions of cages: 1.4 m (L) by 0.7 m (W) by 0.64 m (H)

Note: We do not use timber hutches as they are more difficult to maintain odour-free and germ-free.


A luxury small pet accommodation option at our indoor guinea pig hotel in Melbourne

Dimensions of C&C pen upgrade (5 x 2 configuration): 1.85 m (L) by 0.75 m (W) by 0.37 m (H)


Our aim is to maintain a clean and hygienic environment, to reduce the risk of infectious diseases being spread from boarder to boarder.

Each cage/pen and litter tray is cleaned and disinfected with F10 daily. They are also washed with detergent under running water after each guinea pig checks out. All foam board separators are washed and disinfected when soiled or when each guinea pig checks out of the facility.

Puppy pads are changed every morning.

In addition, a UV air steriliser is used to prevent the transmission of air-borne viruses and bacteria amongst our cavy campers.

Igloos or Hide-Outs

Guinea pigs will be provided with the largest-sized igloo hide-outs or something similar, which gives them a sense of security as they will have somewhere to retreat into.

An igloo hideout for guinea pigs  A pet tunnel  A blue tunnel

Litter Trays

Litter trays will be provided. These will be cleaned and disinfected with F10 on a daily basis.

The litter tray will be lined with newspaper, which is covered with hay. There is an option to add a sieve-like tray, to limit access to the soiled newspaper and to keep your guinea pig’s feet dry.

A basket of fresh hay for our guinea pig guests   A basket of fresh hay for our guinea pig boarders

Drinking Water

We supply bowls for drinking water.

A container of fresh water at our indoor guinea pig boarding hotel in Melbourne

Please bring your own water bottles (if required) as our experience has been that most guinea pigs would not use our bottles.

Bottles or bowls are washed daily and replenished with fresh supplies of cleaning drinking water.


All guinea pigs are given fresh vegetables everyday, and an unlimited supply of grass hay.

There is an option to purchase extra serving of timothy hay each day.  This is in addition to unlimited grass hay which is included in the boarding rates.

If you would like your guinea pigs to be fed dry pellets as well, please bring an ample supply for the duration of their stay. Since guinea pigs generally do not handle changes in their diet very well, we prefer to continue feeding them with what they are accustomed to.

Playtime / Socialisation

Additional play time outside of these pens is not provided, as pens are spacious enough for guinea pigs to “popcorn” and run around in.

Guinea pigs from different families will not come into contact during their stay. This is to avoid the risk of fights and injuries.

All guinea pigs are socialised and provided with daily cuddles and pats.


Guinea pig boarding rates include:
– unlimited supply of grass hay
– daily serving of vegetables
– daily cleaning and disinfection of flooring, litter tray, water bottles & dishes
– pats & cuddles
– use of equipment: litter tray, water bottle, dishes & toys
– climate control (heating & cooling with reverse cycle split system)
– 24/7 security

Weekly photo updates via our Facebook page are complimentary.


Our rabbit and guinea pig boarding facility is open for tours only on Saturdays between 11 am to 12:30 pm by appointment only. Other tour times are not possible in order to minimise disruption to our boarders’ quiet enjoyment of our boarding facility during the week.

More Photos

More photos of our facility, cages, exercise pens and toys are available on our Facebook page.

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