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book your bunny a stay at Melbourne's only luxury rabbit hotel!


In response to customers’ requests, we are happy to announce that Willow Woods Bunny Boarding will relocate closer to the city.

We look forward to boarding your bunnies & guinea pigs again at a convenient new location in the near future.

Willow Woods Deluxe Pen


All bunnies will remain in their selected accommodation for the full duration of their boarding stays. Exercise time out of their accommodation is not offered due to infection control reasons. If necessary, please consider booking 2 or more play pens which can be combined to create larger spaces.

Vaccination Policy

Proof of up-to-date six-monthly or annual calicivirus vaccination is required for all rabbit boarding stays.

Your bunny will be turned away if you are unable to produce a valid and up-to-date vaccination record, even if you are scheduled to leave for your holiday on the same day.

We make absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy in order to protect our bunny boarders and to adhere to the Code of Practice for the Operation of Boarding Establishments.

This luxuriously large bunny accommodation has everything your bunnies need for a comfortable stay at our pet rabbit hotel!

Note: Front panel and gate are not shown in the photo.

Size: 8-piece metal play pen measuring 1.6 m (L) by 1.6 m (W) by 1.2 m (H)

Furnished with:
Towels (changed regularly)
Litter tray with unlimited oaten hay (topped up regularly throughout the day and cleaned daily)
Optional litter tray with paper pellets (cleaned daily)
Bowl (washed daily and topped up throughout the day)

Complimentary photo updates: via SMS, Whatsapp or i-Message at least twice a week

Maximum capacity: 5 bonded bunnies per deluxe play pen

Minimum boarding period: 5 days

How to book:
Select the relevant dates to find out the total cost. It is not necessary to contact us to enquire about availability or rates as the booking calendars reflect up-to-date daily rates & availability.

Ensure that all fields marked with * are completed.

Dates in GREEN: At least 1 spot is available.
Dates in RED: Completely
booked out or our facility is closed for a staff break.
Dates in GREY: Calendar has not been set for bookings, as it is set for bookings approximately 2 months in advance. 

Mite Treatment Policy

Recent flea/mite treatment with Revolution for Puppies & Kittens is required for all boarding stays. Sprays are not acceptable as they have been found to be ineffective.

$20 will be charged for flea/mite treatment if you are unable to provide either a recent receipt reflecting treatment at a vet clinic which must be dated no less than 3 months prior to the last day of the boarding stay, or an un-opened tube for treatment during check-in.

It is not acceptable to simply produce an empty tube, receipt for purchase of mite treatment or claim that you have already done so at home.

This requirement will not be waived even if:

  • your vet has certified your rabbit to be free of fleas/mites, as it is a preventative measure,
  • your rabbit lives indoors.

Terms & Conditions

It is advisable to familiarise yourself with our terms & conditions before making a booking, as an administrative fee will be levied for all cancellations.

Check-In & Check-Out Times / Surcharges

All boarding check-ins  and/or check-outs outside our business hours or on Sundays/Public Holidays will incur non-negotiable surcharges. To avoid paying this surcharge, ensure that your planned check-in and check-out dates/times fall within our business hours. The online calendars do not automatically add this cost, so be sure to select the option if you intend to check-in or check-out your rabbit(s) outside of business hours. In the interest of safety, we reserve the right to decline requests for check-ins or check-outs outside business hours, so the appointment must be confirmed at least 24 hours prior to check-in.

Check-ins or check-outs are strictly not possible between 6 pm to 7:30 am everyday.

Packing List

Refer to our packing list to help you pack for your bunny's boarding stay.

Issues with Online Booking

Contact us for assistance if you experience any issues with online booking for rabbit boarding.